CIS Football: Waterloo players allowed to transfer

OTTAWA (CIS) – Canadian Interuniversity Sport announced Wednesday that current members of the University of Waterloo football program – whose activities have been suspended for one year - will be allowed to transfer to another CIS institution and participate immediately.  
The ruling of the CIS Eligibility Committee reads as follows:
Following the June 14 announcement that the University of Waterloo has suspended the Warrior football program from competition for the 2010-11 season, questions have arisen with respect to the CIS participation options for current Waterloo football student-athletes in 2010-11.
In that regard, the CIS Eligibility Committee has confirmed the application of Policy – Discontinuance of a Sport to all University of Waterloo football players:
Notwithstanding an athlete who is registered at a post-secondary degree granting institution and who successfully completes at least one academic year at that institution, shall be allowed to transfer to a member institution and participate immediately when the original institution cancels the sport.  All other eligibility regulations continue to apply.
Although the University of Waterloo has not cancelled its football program, the program is presently subject to an internal review and has discontinued the opportunity for University of Waterloo students to participate in CIS football in 2010-11.  As such, the Eligibility Committee is providing the interpretation that Policy – Discontinuance of a Sport will apply to all University of Waterloo football players in 2009-10, which provides them with the opportunity to transfer without encumbrance to another CIS institution for 2010-11, subject to all other CIS regulations.
The University of Waterloo supports the above application given the unique circumstances surrounding this matter.
CIS Members and University of Waterloo football student-athletes are reminded that CIS recruiting policies will continue to apply.  Specifically, Waterloo football student-athletes cannot be contacted for the purpose of recruiting unless the respective student-athlete has initiated the contact.  

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