University of Victoria | Victoria, B.C. | March 9 - 12, 2017

ArcelorMittal Dofasco U Sports Women's Basketball Final 8

Past Champions

CIS champions (Bronze Baby Trophy)

The Bronze Baby Trophy was donated in 1922 by the Students' Council of McGill University. Until 1970, the Women's Interuniversity Athletic Union (WIAU) in Quebec and Ontario awarded the trophy to their conference champions. In 1971, the WIAU was dissolved and the trophy was retired and returned to its donor. McGill students offered the trophy to the Canadian Women's Interuniversity Athletic Union in June 1972.

The figure is a replica of a statue that was in the grounds of Dunfermline College of Physical Education in Scotland, and is a copy of a trophy competed for by the High Schools of Dundee. The winners from 1923 until 1971 are recorded on the old base at McGill University.

Year - Champions - Host Year - Champions - Host

2009-10 Simon Fraser McMaster
2008-09 Simon Fraser Regina
2007-08 UBC Saskatchewan
2006-07 Simon Fraser Memorial
2005-06 UBC UNB
2004-05 Simon Fraser Winnipeg
2003-04 UBC Winnipeg
2002-03 Victoria McMaster
2001-02 Simon Fraser McMaster
2000-01 Regina Alberta
1999-00 Victoria Alberta
1998-99 Alberta Lakehead
1997-98 Victoria Lakehead
1996-97 Manitoba Lakehead
1995-96 Manitoba Laval
1994-95 Winnipeg Lakehead
1993-94 Winnipeg Calgary
1992-93 Winnipeg Victoria
1991-92 Victoria UPEI
1990-91 Laurentian Laval
1989-90 Laurentian Toronto 

1988-89 Calgary Laurentian
1987-88 Manitoba Lethbridge
1986-87 Victoria Laval
1985-86 Toronto Winnipeg
1984-85 Victoria Bishop’s
1983-84 Bishop’s Manitoba
1982-83 Bishop’s Manitoba
1981-82 Victoria Saskatchewan
1980-81 Victoria Guelph
1979-80 Victoria Dalhousie
1978-79 Laurentian Regina
1977-78 Laurentian Calgary
1976-77 Laurentian Calgary
1975-76 Laurentian Guelph
1974-75 Laurentian UNB
1973-74 UBC Winnipeg
1972-73 UBC McGill
1971-72 UBC Saskatchewan

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